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Simon Mabey

Simon Mabey

Founder and Director, Digital Urban Place
Simon was the first employee of the first 3D modelling company based in the UK. Simon wrote code to create 3D models on Unix workstations. These methods are now considered best practice and are recognised by the Landscape Institute for visual impact assessments. Developed the first Building Information Model (BIM) and 4D construction sequencing model. Simon has worked all over the world preparing digital 3D models of towns and cities. He also created the 3D model for Manchester following the bombings in 1996. Simon joined Arup in 2002 and established the City Modelling team. He set up Digital Urban in 2017.

I was always a shy child and never had much confidence. I started to gain confidence as my experience in my work developed. Realising the impact that this had inspires me to do more. I often surprise myself when I look at the projects and the things I’ve achieved throughout my career. When leaving school, university was never a choice, so great to have some recognition later in life that we can all have a unique life journey that still has an impact.