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Shirley Benson

Shirley Benson

Lead Producer Digital Cities Virtual, BBC

Shirley is a freelance events producer, content curator and consultant, with a passion for digital storytelling, mental health awareness and developing the next generation of content creators. She brings with her a wealth of experience and contacts developed over a 25 career at the BBC –covering Entertainment, Children’s, BBC Learning and The Academy – and is highly experienced at influencing, persuading and generally wrangling, multiple partners and contributors towards the delivery of brilliant events.

Over the last 4 years she has grown and developed the BBC Digital Cities Skills series of events for people working within the TV and related Creative Industries and worked with national and regional partners across the UK to deliver events for people all over the country. In the last 3 months she has successfully pivoted this to an online only offer which has continued to engage and deliver with to date over 4000 people taking part in the skills training, career insight sessions and industry masterclasses.