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Martin Vares

Martin Vares

Founder & CEO, Fractory
I am a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur - today, I am the CEO of a cloud manufacturing startup Fractory that connects engineers and manufacturers. Fractory's business model is largely based on my own experience when I saw the many facets of the manufacturing industry, including its shortcomings. I was in charge of production management and oversaw the outsourcing of production. This is where I encountered some of the most obvious shortcomings in the industry - the availability of information regarding lead times, capabilities and the speed of getting a manufacturing quote. Five years later, we have fixed those problems at Fractory.

I am leading a company that is solving actual problems in a field that needs attention. The lack of mechanical engineers is a well known problem, while at the same time their time is wasted on activities that can be automated - and I have brought a vision to life that's doing just that. The model is scalable and there is a global need for digitised and more sustainable manufacturing.