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Digital city festival

Liz Scott

Liz Scott

Client Engagement Director, Tech Nation

Liz is Head of Entrepreneur Engagement at Tech Nation. After having spent more time than she cares to admit in suits and corporate boardrooms, she is enjoying looking after the UK’s tech founders on a full time basis. She leads a national team across 11 different regions of the UK who are focused on finding and supporting tech founders to rapidly grow and scale their businesses.

Liz was previously Head of Digital & Innovation for EY across the north of England, where she spent 3 years working on disrupting the global professional services firm from the inside, including spinning up new products from MVP, and supporting corporate clients to do the same.

She is a self-confessed tech fanatic with a particular soft-spot for retail, e-comm & a relentless customer focus. “Manchester has got an absolutely thriving digital eco-system, and in my role I am lucky enough to both be privy to the whole picture across the city and also see how it compares to others across the UK. There is a lot to be proud of in Manchester’s status as a truly digital city – we are one of the most developed and self-sustaining tech eco-systems outside of London. However there is always more we could do, and I think that bringing the whole city together under the umbrella of this festival will be hugely positive.”