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Lauren Millward

Lauren Millward

Communication and Engagement Lead, Greater Manchester Combined Authority
I am an accomplished Digital Communication & Events Lead, developing and delivering successful marketing & communication campaigns and specialising in digital transformation communication. My career to date has been predominantly public sector with a short stint in the private sector! Spanning local authority, NHS, civil service, and combined authority. Since 2014 I have worked in roles with a remit to communicate digital transformation, including digital health, integrated care, and digital workplaces. I am currently the Communication and Engagement Lead at Greater Manchester Combined Authority for the digital portfolio, responsible for communicating all elements of GM’s Digital Blueprint. A three-year approach to meeting digital ambitions for Greater Manchester.

A win this category would be recognition for a different type of digital leader but one of equal importance to those leading in the areas of digital transformation itself. A great leader is one who can tailor communication in such a way that messaging feels personal and real – regardless of the audience or project. This is my everyday role. The aim of any digital transformation cannot be achieved without effective communication, be it up-take of tools, awareness, or support. With effective leadership my team is best placed to deliver this, helping our audience understand digital and any relevant change elements.