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Lauren Coulman

Lauren Coulman

Founder and CEO, Noisy Cricket C.I.C

Noisy Cricket builds people-powered movements through bringing diverse voices together to create social change. Working purposefully and collectively on the root causes of social issues, founder Lauren Coulman and the team work to engineer strategic and cross-sector responses to systemic, cultural and personal challenges in our society, all with impacted people at the heart of the solutions designed.

“Tech is now central to our lives. Whilst tech’s growth is central to our economic prosperity as a region, its also going to have a massive impact on people. Skills, house prices, connection, equity… The potential impact is huge, so big questions need to be asked, not just of what kind of tech we’re creating, but how we’re creating it and for what purpose. As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, this city has huge potential, so people wanting to be involved in shaping that… should do.”