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Kate White

Kate White

Senior Development Manager, Kaplan Financial
Kate started her digital career supporting an Internal Intranet while developing her skills in front end development. From there she moved into teaching and supporting young adults which later enabled her to start a career in online learning. During this time Kate was also running a web development and marketing business outsourcing work to contractors. As an eLearning professional Kate continued to develop her leadership skills and progress into management. Over the last 6 years Kate has built her own team of talented eLearning developers.

Kate is an exceptional digital leader and solutionist who continuously strives to transform products and services through the implementation of technology projects. One of Kate’s great talents is being able to analyse and dissect big problems and divide them into smaller achievable elements. Planning, strategising, resourcing and presenting back to senior leaders in the business, Kate has shown her competency as an agent of change and is a fantastic asset to the business.