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John Readman

John Readman

Founder, Modo25 &

John has been working in digital marketing and marketing tech for over 20 years and has successfully grown several global digital marketing agencies and marketing software businesses. He helped some of the world’s largest brands shape their online proposition, including Pepsi, Asos, Honda, Vistaprint and Sigma Sports.

As CEO and founder of Modo25, John is the driving force behind the vision to turn the world of digital marketing inside out – helping brands inhouse their digital marketing and drive better commercial outcomes. He is passionate about building a people-focused agency that invests time and resources into people which, along with leading technology, produces excellent results and delighted clients. 

John and the Modo25’s team of data scientists recently launched BOSCO™ - The Digital Marketing Prediction Index – a free to play SaaS platform to help retailers invest their media budget with greater efficiency and performance.