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Clare Gledhill

Clare Gledhill


Experienced digital leader Clare Gledhill has been Operations Director at CDS, the insight, technology, print and digital communications agency, since 2015. Extraordinarily busy single mum of 7-year-old twins, Clare is often the unseen champion in the digital community, preferring to shine the spotlight on her team. She doesn't shout about what she does or what she has done but deserves to be recognised, not only for her work with CDS but also for her work in the digital space for over 17 years.

She has been instrumental in leading successful delivery teams across a wide range of public and private sector digital transformation programmes that have made a positive difference to the citizens of the UK. She has also enabled the careers of many younger people in the industry with her adventurous approach to finding new ways of working and instilling the belief 'you can do anything if you really want to'.