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Carlton Hopper

Carlton Hopper

UK Managing Director, GFT Group

Carlton joined GFT after gaining over 30 years’ experience in the banking, technology and consulting sectors. He has an established reputation earned through years of success with cross-sector blue chip firms including Accenture, Barclays, Ernst & Young and most recently IBM Global Business Services. 

This varied resume gives him a unique 360 view of all aspects of the Fintech sector, both from the financial and technological side, making him a perfect ambassador for GFT’s holistic mission to transform businesses into streamlined, 21st century entities. 

Carlton is an energetic, results-driven business leader, with a passion for leadership which drives his team forward to exceed GFT clients’ exacting expectations, not just at his UK base, but around the world.

His reputation for energy, enthusiasm and his outstanding commitment to delivering positive change to a client's business, and in providing innovative cloud solutions, technology modernisation projects and data-powered AI programmes make him a key figure in the sector.