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Amy Woods

Amy Woods

Podcaster, Author and Founder, Content 10x

Amy is an expert in content repurposing and the CEO and Founder of Content 10x – a niche creative agency and the first content repurposing agency in the world. She helps businesses grow their audience by maximizing the return on the content they create. She works with B2B tech and professional services businesses around the world and is the content repurposing powerhouse behind some of the most well-known podcasts and video shows.

Amy is the host of The Content 10x Podcast and B2B Content Strategist, and she is the author of best-selling book Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results, the ultimate guide to reaching more people online with your content.

She talks on stages all around the world about content repurposing, including at events like Content Marketing World, Digital Marketing World Forum, RadioDays Europe, PodFest Multimedia Expo, Podcast Movement, and Youpreneur Summit.

Amy podcasts and writes about content repurposing at and shares ideas on LinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.