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  • User Journey Mapping: Changing your brief

    14 Apr 2021 Matt Smith, Head of Strategy & Experience, CTI Digital
    CTI's Head of Strategy and Experience explores the strategy of User Journey Mapping, which helps businesses better understand their users, peers, members, or customers.
  • The COVID age is no place for viral campaigns

    08 Apr 2021 Katie Thompson, Director, Katie Lingo
    What Ultravox, Burger King and Twitter can teach you about the value of going viral in 2021, and creating lasting content.
  • Is 2021 the year to go global?

    09 Apr 2021 Digital City Festival Team
    Sarah Novotny is the Digital, Creative and Tech Sector Lead at GC Business Growth Hub, where she uses her expertise in these areas to support businesses looking to grow and succeed.
  • Why automation is essential for your delivery process

    06 Apr 2021 Andrew Norman, Managing Director, ShipStation International
    Andrew Norman of ShipStation explains how to get going with automation to ensure your retail customers are satisfied - no matter how many of them there are.
  • The power of data science and visualisation for creative marketing campaigns

    01 Apr 2021 Luigi Raw, Senior Data Engineer, Enjoy Digital
    Luigi Raw, Enjoy Digital's Senior Data Engineer, takes you through the ways to use data science intelligently and efficiently to achieve success in your creative marketing campaigns.
  • Supporting your staff through the pandemic

    01 Apr 2021 Annabel McCaffrey, Head of Support, NABS
    Annabel McCaffrey, Head of Support at NABS, explains how organisations can look after their staff when it's more important than ever.
  • The Power of Small

    29 Mar 2021 Lawrence De’Ath, Associate Director, ENGINE Transformation
    Lawrence De’Ath, Associate Director at ENGINE Transformation, explains why working small and not being tempted by 'thinking big' is the right way to go for professionals working in digital.
  • The skills gap that exists in digital is a hot topic for so many right now, and has been for many years.
  • Building and developing a digital city

    16 Mar 2021 Phil Swan, Director of Digital, GMCA
    Greater Manchester's Digital Blueprint was launched not long before COVID hit - this article explores how a true digital city is created, and whether priorities now need to change.
  • Canto provides 5 tips to boost the performance of your marketing team

    10 Mar 2021 Mike Paxton, digital asset management expert, Canto
    Mike Paxton, digital asset management expert at Canto, shares his advice on how to make your marketing teams more efficient and give them access to digital content more quickly and easily.
  • WATCH: Digital City Festival 2021 Preview

    03 Mar 2021 Digital City Festival Team
    You've been to countless video meetings and webinars. Forget them. Introducing the Digital City Festival 2021 experience...
  • How the COVID crisis affected retailers in 2020 and 2021

    01 Mar 2021 Digital City Festival Team
    Since COVID hit every aspect of life last year, nearly everything has changed for people - both in work and in life.
  • Lead Producer of BBC's Digital Cities Virtual, Shirley Benson - a member of the Digital City Festival Advisory Board - talks the future of events, accessibility & the changes brought about in 2020.

    10 Feb 2021 Digital City Festival Team
    We're excited to reveal the trailer for this year's Digital City Festival.
  • The UK Marketing Director of Headline Partner Dept shares her thoughts on the power of diversity, digital marketing, transformation and data.
  • iomart's advice on mastering the cybersecurity landscape

    09 Feb 2021 Neil Christie, Security Lead, iomart
    Neil Christie, Security Lead at iomart, our Lead Sponsor - Tech, shares tips on how you can keep your business safe from the biggest security risks, and what investments will provide the best returns.
  • Young Digital Leader of the Year and Digital Leader of the Year are open for entries now - don’t miss out, nominations for this unmissable opportunity are closing soon!
  • Here’s some insight into how our Tech for Good Taskforce are shaping plans for Digital City Festival 2021.
  • Here’s some insight into how our Growth & Productivity Taskforce are shaping plans for Digital City Festival 2021.
  • Here’s how the festival agenda is coming together to highlight key topics including climate change, AI, digital transformation and more.
  • How our Culture Taskforce are shaping the vision for #DCF2021

    25 Nov 2020 Digital City Festival Team
    Here’s some insight into how plans are coming together for the festival to offer a vital boost to the culture sector.
  • Introducing the Digital City Network

    03 Nov 2020 Martyn Collins, Festival Director - Digital City Festival
    The story of how we reimagined Digital City Festival 2021 as a truly digital event.