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Digital city festival

Everyone Can

  • | DCF2023 Supporters
  • | Exhibitor 2022
Everyone Can is a UK charity and proud to be based here in Manchester.

Specialists in helping disabled people to access digital technology no matter what age or disability.

We have a unique, ground breaking service that uses the latest and best video gaming technology in order to deliver maximum fun for disabled people, their friends and family in one big inclusive environment.

We hand-pick the latest games for suitability. No one is left out or turned away as we can get everyone gaming thanks to our expertise and understanding in assistive technology.

We can also advise on other areas that technology can help, other than gaming, such as talking, controlling the home, mobile devices and of course, how to access them in the first place.

If you, or someone you know needs help with technology, or just want a place to socialise and take fun to the next level, then we’re the people who can help!
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