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Business Growth Hub

  • | Sector Specialist 2022
GC Business Growth Hub is here to support businesses at all stages of their growth journey with a broad range of services.

Helping start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses with support that includes providing financial and business strategy guidance, optimising efficiency, creating international links, paving the way for innovation and people development across the region. Working with the best of public and private partners and shared commitment is to create a prosperous and inclusive community, supporting local businesses to grow.

GC Business Growth Hub is part of The Growth Company. As a group, the aim is to drive forward business, economic, personal and professional development within communities by boosting employment, skills, investment and enterprise for the benefit of all.

As a not-for-profit, The Growth Company is driven by success - not shareholders - which means we reinvest any money we make and are dedicated to making a positive difference and leaving a legacy of growth.
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