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Mobile First Transformation Panel

07 Mar 2022
The Loft, Revolution 90 Oxford Road, M1 5WH
Mobile First Transformation Panel

On March the 7th we are proud to take part in the Digital City Festival by bringing together some of the Northwest's mobile industry leaders. They will be sharing their experiences of transforming businesses with mobile and their predictions for the role mobile will play as we move to a more digital and possibly even virtual world in the coming years.


What is Mobile First Transformation?

Mobile Transformation isn’t just about using mobile technologies to provide solutions for users and companies. It is a change in mindset about how we approach problems. Many businesses who want an app because they think they should have one don’t need one. Conversely, many problems that we encounter on a daily basis could be solved simply and effectively if we change our approach to the problem to be a mobile first approach..

What we have learnt from implementing mobile first strategy

Mobile First strategies come with their own problems and challenges, our experts will discuss the rapid movement of the mobile ecosystems and the challenges this creates to not only keep pace but deliver streamlined and fantastic solutions..

What next for mobile

As we move forward into 2022 and beyond the mobile world will develop, mature and also be challenged. With a massive shift in focus to AR/VR technologies and even the Metaverse, what role will mobile have in shaping the way we engage not only with each other but with businesses as we move through this decade and even into the next one.

What to expect on the 7th

So what can you expect from our mobile first panel session? The event will be 6:00-8:00 PM with some open networking, drinks and food provided at the venue. Our Panel session will begin around 6:45 giving you plenty of time to grab a drink and get to know some of your peers.

Our panel session will run for around 45 minutes where our speakers will discuss what mobile first transformation really is. We will be discussing some examples of the effects of employing mobile transformation in businesses from a variety of sectors. What are the challenges of adopting a mobile first approach and what you can expect from mobile as we move to a more connected and possible virtual digital environment as we move through the 2020’s.

Afterwards you will be given a chance to ask questions of our panelists about their experiences and challenges and then we will break to a more informal networking session for another drink and a chance to speak to each other and the panelists about the topics discussed in a less formal setting.

So why not come along?

Come join us at the Science and Industry Museum on the 7th to learn more about mobile first transformation, talk to experts about the challenges of mobile first strategies and make some new connections with industry leaders.

Organised by Indiespring. Free to attend.


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