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Metaverse Showcase & Networking Event

07 Mar 2022
Metaverse Showcase & Networking Event

Experience a metaverse product showcase along with the opportunity to network in a metaverse environment. Access on mobile, desktop & VR. 

We're opening up a metaverse product showcase we created for a northern CBD beer brand, Cannabrew.

Visitors will be able to visit the metaverse space, interact with each other and go on a brand tour with your host & the founder of 3D Online, Ben Taylor.

This will primarily be an educational experience to show attendees a commercial use case of metaverse technology along with an opportunity to network.

This particular product showcase has been used to pitch some of the UK's largest retailers including ASDA and TESCO. It demonstrates the power of 3D interactive technology and will stimulate creative ideas in which agencies can leverage this technology.

This is accessible on mobile, desktop and VR and will be accessed simply by a URL link.